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When you become a new Elly May’s client, your Sitter(s) will come to your home for an initial FREE "Meet & Greet" consultation visit. During the visit, your Sitter(s) will meet you, become familiar with your home, get to know your Critters and the exact scope of care you require.

Our visits always involve a variety of care giving; from feeding, exercising, and potty breaks, to administering medication. Best of all, we spend quality time with your animals by playing, petting, and pampering them so that they all receive loving personal attention while you’re away.

And when you return home, you’ll find a happy and well cared for pet.

Daily In-Home Visits:
The 30 Minute Visit.

Every 30-minute daily visit always include; lots of loving, food, beverage, walks, medicine, litter or poop scoop, along with basic household chores like mail service, plant watering, trash and recyclables, lighting, window treatments, etc.

Extended In-Home Visit:
The 45 or 60 Minute.

This service is perfect for Critters that like and need a lot of attention and/or exercise, and includes all the services our 30-minute visit provides. The Extended In-home service is usually necessary if you have a large family of Critters and additional time is needed to address all of their needs.
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Overnight In-Home Visits:
Up To 12 Hours. (7:00pm to 7:00am)

Put your PJ’s on. Elly May is coming to stay the night! When you need the added comfort and security of knowing someone is in your home caring for your pets and property - all evening long. Availability is very limited so please try to book as early as possible.

Property Protection:
Always Included

During all of Elly May’s visits, and at no additional cost, we can perform basic household services for your convenience and security. These value added services can include; bringing in the mail, papers and packages, watering plants, rotating lights, taking out trash or recycling bins, filling birdfeeders, or turning a TV/Radio on and off at different visits. Whatever you need, just ask!

Getting Started is EASY!

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